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Stock Brokerage Holdings:

  • More of a short term view 

  • I look at what sectors/stocks have the best chart set ups and then ensure they have legitimate fundamentals to back it up 

  • I use a stop loss on all of my holdings in this portfolio - this is my risk management strategy

Crypto Holdings:

  • High risk investments - very nascent space

  • Belief is that Ethereum will serve as the backbone of the future financial industry and currently have very high exposure there

  • Have exposure towards Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols (i.e. 1INCH, WNXM, COMP), alternative blockchains (i.e. ADA), the metaverse (i.e. MANA) and Web 3.0 (i.e. BAT)

  • No stop losses are used but I follow each and everyone of these investments on a daily basis 

IRA Holdings:

  • Being in my retirement account, I buy stocks that I believe will be priced much higher in the future as well as stocks with strong dividend yields

  • No stop losses used

  • Review each holding on a monthly basis to determine if the 'story' and reason for investing has changed